Glenslieve Hereford

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Free to roam on our
farms, they feed on the
luscious, green grass
unique to Ireland.

Why Glenslieve Hereford?

Independent, online breed verification

Hind quarters dry aged on the bone for 4 days and wet aged for a further 21 days

Higher level of marbling and increased tenderness due to a smaller frame and lower muscle usage

Awarded the Pure Life Welfare Assured seal of approval

Packaged in signature Glenslieve Hereford bags and boxes

Hereford cattle are synonymous with producing supreme quality beef the world over. The red steers and heifers with their distinctive white faces have been putting great tasting beef on the dinner tables for centuries. Being reared in the North West corner of Ireland, our Glenslieve Hereford beef has one major advantage.

The magic combination of a temperate climate, lush green grass and a breed with a relaxed temperament means our Herefords produce some of the finest marbled beef that’s in such great demand throughout Europe. For the Hereford breed has a natural ability to convert grass to beef efficiently, making it ideally suited for our unique climate.

Of course, here in Ireland we’re blessed with so much pure, clean rain that we have the highest growth rate of grass in the Northern hemisphere. On top of this, 80% of farmland in Ireland is grassland; that’s double the European average.

Free to roam in wide opens farm spaces, our Hereford cattle feed on this luscious, green grass producing a glorious marbling that delivers a taste to savour and delicious succulence few can rival.



Perfect for gourmet food service catering, the marbling bastes the meat from within, providing its mouthwatering, intensely beefy flavour. It’s because of these attributes that our Glenslieve Hereford beef is fast becoming the connoisseur’s preferred choice.


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